Poinsettia – The Christmas Flower

Traditionally at Christmas time, the poinsettia flowering plant starts to bloom. Taking good care of the poinsettia throughout the year is necessary for it to begin to bloom in November, and it is a wonderful accessory to Christmas decorations around the house. If there is one particular indoor flowering plant that you ought to have decorated in your home, it is the poinsettia plant. Its beautiful red, star-shaped flowers makes it emblematic of the holiday season, and it is often called the Christmas flower.

Poinsettia Flowering Plant for Christmastime

The poinsettia originates from Central America, and is native particularly to Mexico. Its star-shaped leaves symbolize the Christmas star, which the Three Wise Men followed in order to find the crib where Jesus was born. Moreover, there is a legend associated with the poinsettia which makes it related to Christmas. The legend says that on Christmas Eve, a child wept for not having a rich gift to present Jesus when he went to church, and so he gathered some weeds in exasperation and headed to church with the weeds. He placed them at the altar and, miraculously, the weeds turned into beautiful red and green flowers.

The name comes from the first US ambassador to Mexico, named Joel Roberts Poinsett, who also happened to be an enthusiastic botanist. He was the first to bring the poinsettia to the United States, which is now cultivated worldwide.

Since the ancient Aztec civilization thought of the poinsettia as symbolizing purity, the ancient tradition did not get thoroughly replaced by a Christian interpretation. Today, the poinsettia represents Christmas purity, and is a symbol of the Christian regeneration brought about by the birth of Jesus. The poinsettia is associated with mirth, happiness and celebration.

In addition to decorating your home with a poinsettia, you can send them as a gift when ordering flowers Malta and worldwide. The rich meaning of the poinsettia flower goes a long way back to ancient times, and is now widely used in Christian rituals for Christmas. You can send flowers for Christmas, and they will be delivered to your desired location worldwide.


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